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My Farm Shop makes it easier for great producers and great customers to work together truly balance the triple bottom line - to improve the health of animals, food, farmers and agricultural landscapes.

We recognise that producers should be acknowledged for the high quality of their operations and that this is not always possible for them in the current market systems. We are the facilitators because not all producers have the capability or desire to direct market their food, so My Farm Shop does this for them. This means great food can reach the customers who truly appreciate it.

Most customers don't have the knowledge or experience to know what to look for in a producer, so My Farm Shop takes this task for them and delivers based on knowledge we get from our networks of leading practitioners and innovators and through the research programs we're involved in.

My Farm Shop also recognises that recognition of great customers and great producers means defining criteria of 'greatness' - this is both complex and will change as we learn and the world around us changes. My Farm Shop will foster an environment of collective responsibility to achieve our goal, and this is embodied in a culture of courtesy, curiosity and integrity. We will encourage the development and sharing of knowledge, evidence for theories and claims and the results of testing and trialling of new practices and management principles of truly sustainable agriculture.

Maybe the most important thing we will learn is what it takes to be able to truly balance the triple bottom line.