Farm-scale NCA FAQs

About the interim Farm-scale NCA report (6)

Your feedback is important on how the report looks and how useful it is – please fill out this survey to provide your feedback on the format and the usefulness of the report. 

The Farm-scale NCA interim report is made up of three documents. 

  1. The report in Word format 
  1. A pdf of your ecosystem state map 
  1. A background reference document  

The interim reports are not a complete and comprehensive representation of the natural capital being managed by the participating farms. 

The reason we have issued an interim report is to provide the opportunity for the participating farmers to engage with the outputs as we develop them and provide feedback into the compilation process. Feedback received relating to the interim reports will be fed into the final compilation and reporting process, ensuring the reports are accurate, comprehensive, and useful to the farmers.

The final accounts will include further information, including: 

  • Carbon sequestration allowing net GHG balance statement 
  • Biodiversity layers (plants, birds) 
  • Whole of farm connectivity and ecological integrity metrics 
  • Estimates of ecosystem services (shade, shelter, soil nutrient cycling, beneficial insects). 

The final report will be delivered to you before the close of the project in December 2023. 

Contact your farm relationship manager if you have questions or concerns about the data in your report or maps. 

VIC Farmer 

Alison Frischke 


m. 0429 922 787 

NSW Farmer 

Mark Gardner 


m. 0419 611 302 

TAS Farmer 

Matt Appleby 


m. 0400 876 010 

How the Farm-scale NCA report can be applied (1)

Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounts informs farm management. 

FsNCA provide an objective assessment of the type and condition of the natural capital that underpins farm production. This information complements information in a farm’s financial reports, and provides a fuller picture of the condition of all assets on the farm (financial, production and ecological). It can be used to track the effectiveness of management actions and their impact on the natural capital over time, as well as be used as input to management decisions.

Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounts demonstrates environmental performance. 

FsNCA are valuable tool for farmers to demonstrate their environmental credentials (e.g., GHG emissions, resource use, land cover change, habitat condition change) to a range of stakeholders – banks and investors, insurers, buyers, etc. 

Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounts documents transparency in the supply chain. 

FsNCA support transparency in the supply chain allowing environmental performance (e.g., GHG emissions, resource use, land cover change, habitat condition change) to be tracked from source to product. 

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