About Natural Capital & NCA

Natural Capital is the stock of renewable and non-renewable natural resources including plants, animals, soils, water, air and minerals that combine to yield a flow of benefits to people.

Natural Capital Accounting standards for individual entities draw on the United Nations endorsed System of Environmental-Economic Accounting to describe the concepts and methods for quantifying these resources and to estimate the contributions they make to the economy and society. These help people to detect and explain changes to natural capital over time, and to plan for the natural capital we need for future generations. Natural Capital Accounts are prepared in physical terms as well as monetary terms in recognition that information about the physical condition and properties of natural capital is of high importance to decision-makers and citizens.

For farmers:

Natural Capital Accounting helps you measure and manage the natural capital that underpins your farm business, it helps you get a clearer understanding of the contribution that natural capital makes to the financial performance of your farm, and assists you and your advisors to plan investments in natural capital to meet your business and personal goals. 

NCA can help you measure and evaluate your environmental performance and to communicate this to external stakeholders.

For governments:

Natural Capital Accounting helps governments to generate a clearer picture of the condition of natural capital, how it is being managed, and what public and private goods are being delivered. NCA provides important input into decisions about public investment in the development or maintenance of natural capital, and provides a way to evaluate the performance of government programs relating to the management of natural capital.

For farm accountants and advisors:

Natural Capital Accounting can help you to expand your services to your farm clients to include evaluation and reporting of natural capital position and performance and give them more information about the asset base that underpins their enterprise.

For sustainability-conscious brands:

Natural Capital Accounting can help your agricultural partners to provide the information you need to measure, evaluate and improve the environmental performance of your business and supply chain.

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