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Great producers are looking after the environment in a way that we as customers cannot because they are there, on ground and on point. They literally have 'skin in the game' as they make key decisions. Great producers not only produce high quality food, they:

  • regenerate the environmental and social resources that are used for production,
  • continually monitor early indicators of trends in ecological and animal health, and
  • continually 'tinker' with management practices that create the natural resources that make a Great Farm.

By directing your purchases to great producers, you doing something practical and significant to improve health of the environment on farms now and into the future.

Most customers don't have the knowledge and experience to be able to make good decisions about what a great farm looks like and how it should be managed to stay great. My Farm Shop selects producers based on the following criteria (in no specific order – they are all important in a complex, dynamic, adaptive system):

  • They build healthy soils,
  • They increase biodiversity,
  • They have healthy, happy animals,
  • They are actively engaged in building community, and
  • They continue to learn and innovate

In the way that we already recognise, 'you can't be green if you're in the red'. Truly great producers are in the black because they are green.