FAQ Category: About the interim Farm-scale NCA report

What will be included in the full and final report?

The final accounts will include further information, including:  Carbon sequestration allowing net GHG balance statement  Biodiversity layers (plants, birds)  Whole of farm connectivity and ecological integrity metrics  Estimates of ecosystem services (shade, shelter, soil nutrient cycling, beneficial insects). 

Who do I talk to if I have questions about the data in the report? 

Contact your farm relationship manager if you have questions or concerns about the data in your report or maps.  VIC Farmer  Alison Frischke  e. alison@bcg.org.au  m. 0429 922 787  NSW Farmer  Mark Gardner  e. mark.gardner@vbs.net.au  m. 0419 611 302  TAS Farmer  Matt Appleby  e. matt.appleby@bushheritage.org.au  m. 0400 876 010 

What is a Farm-scale NCA interim report?

The Farm-scale NCA interim report is made up of three documents.  The report in Word format  A pdf of your ecosystem state map  A background reference document   The interim reports are not a complete and comprehensive representation of the natural capital being managed by the participating farms. 

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